Mooi | A Bunny Blogger Feature

Hello all you bunny lovers!!! The story today is about a sweet bunny named Mooi.

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko

Mooi 516


Mooi’s birthday is on July 4th, 2014. So, she is 2 years old. She used to be fostered before coming here. She is also a Dutch bunny. Her parents had not been spayed or neutered so they had too many bunnies. Mooi came in as a baby because the owners did not keep all the bunnies they had. When she came to E.A.R.S, she was grown up enough to be adopted (she has never had an home of her own).

mooi 520

 I hope my fur doesn’t get wet!


Mooi’s personality is more calm and sweet. She is a little scared at first, but when she starts to smell you, then it means it is ok to pet her. She is black and white and her front toenails look like they have been painted white! She is playful and she can be interested in what you are doing. When I was playing with her, I had a stuffed soccer ball and I put it down. She came right over and checked it out.

Mooi 505

Soccer, anyone?

Why to adopt her

If you wanted to adopt Mooi, then go ahead! She is very sweet and wants to be loved by an owner that will take her. Like I said, she has never had a home of her own and she would be so delighted to have a wonderful home to live in! So, I recommend Mooi to you for adoption!

mooi 534

Natalie enjoying the snuggles from Mooi


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Claudia | A Bunny Blogger Feature

Hey guys!!! This week’s blog is about a bunny named Claudia.

395 claudia


Claudia is a female bunny and she is 4 years old. We do not know what kind of breed

she is. She arrived in December of 2013. The reason of why she came here was of

owner surrender. This means the original family gave up their pet so that another

loving home could have her. That is why they gave her to E.A.R.S Interesting though,

before she came, the family thought she was a male. The name was actually Clyde,

but we changed it to Claudia.

323 claudia

Now, this cute bunny hasn’t been spayed*, and for her situation, she can’t have any

other bunnies in the household. So, if you are looking for only one bunny to love,

Claudia is your girl!!!

327 claudia


Claudia’s personality is so cute. She has chocolate-brown fur and honey-brown eyes.

When you first meet her, she might come to you. What you want to do is put your

hand out for her to smell you. She will decide if she likes you or not. For me, she

liked me immediately, and she is very friendly. She smells every thing at first. When

I played with her, she went through the tube and it felt like we were playing a game

of hide and seek!!

334 claudia

Why to adopt her

This cute little bunny loves to cuddle with you and is very sweet and loving. She is

one of the bunnies that have been at this shelter for the longest time!!! Another thing

is that she LOVES to be pet! She could be your perfect bunny companion. Overall, I

recommend Claudia to be adopted by a sweet, one-bunny family that will take care

of her well!

362 claudia

-Bunny Blogger Lauren, 11

*Claudia cannot be spayed. EARS spays/neuters all of our rabbits unless, like Claudia’s case, the procedure is too risky. We attempted to have Claudia spayed shortly after she came into rescue, but during the procedure the veterinarian noticed something was wrong and did not spay her, knowing it was too risky to continue.

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