Discover Presque Isle Days & Baby Shower!

Come join us at Discover Presque Isle!


  July 29th, 30th & 31st

EARS will be there all weekend! Come see all the adoptable buns, including Magnolia’s and Oaklee’s 12 babies which will be there from 10-4 on Saturday! The 12 babies have not yet been name and we are asking for you help to name them on Saturday. If you would like to participate in the naming of the babies, we are asking for a $1 donation or a donation of supplies, which are listed below. Each donation gets you two chances to name the babies. We will be doing face painting of bunny faces on kids. We will also have EARS t-shirts, candles, magnets & more for sale.  


Acceptable Supplies


-paper towels


-new litter boxes

-new fleece blankets

-30+ gallon trash bags

-disposable gloves

-ceramic bowls

-bunny toys

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Upcoming EARS Events

July 29-31

Discover Presque Isle Days

discover-presqueFriday 12-8pm

Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 10am-4pm

August 7

Because You Care Walk for Small Animals @ Liberty Park

August 9

Erie Gives 8am-8pm

August 13

Zumbathon for Erie Puppy Mill Awareness @ Seawolves

August 20

Millcreek Animal Hospital Grand Opening 12-4pm

Screenshot 2016-07-22 at 6.06.28 PM

August 25

Claytopia wine glass painting 6-8pm

September 17

Midwest Bunfest!!!!

September 24

Vegfest @ Shriners Zem-Zem Club 10am-6pm

Screenshot 2016-07-22 at 6.08.55 PM

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Featured Bunnies!| A Bunny Blogger Feature

It is always a hoppy day at E.A.R.S!  On this particular interview day, the bunnies were visited by several children and enjoying the special attention they were getting.  This blog article features several bunnies and their visitor friends.

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko



This little cutie is a lion head/silver martin breed and he 1 ½ years old. He, along with his brother, were not wanted by the owner.  So, the owner brought him and his brother to E.A.R.S. His brother was adopted, and now Oliver is looking for a home of his own. In this picture, David St. George came to visit.



Little Chip came from  New Jersey. He came to E.A.R.S. because if he was not taken in by a rescue he would have been sent to auction. Chip is 5 months old. He is an English lop bunny with VERY long ears!!! He is a love bug!! Chip was adopted once, but it wasn’t a good match with the family dog. So he, once again, is looking for a forever home.  This photo features visitor Aidan stopping by to enjoy the sun with him.




This pretty brown/gray bunny is named Courage. She is 1 ½ years old and is a mini-lop. The snap shot of courage has Lauren (me) holding her. She already has a loving family, but we have more mini lops up for adoption just as beautiful as her.


mooi 534 (1)

And of course, don’t forget Mooi (our bunny feature from last week). At E.A.R.S, Mooi looks sad in her cage, but when she comes out to play, she is very lively with people and other bunnies! Natalie St. George was also visiting this day and enjoyed her snuggles. She is a Dutch bunny.


No matter which bunny you choose, they all would love to have a family to call their own. Adopting a bunny makes your family and home complete.

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Mooi | A Bunny Blogger Feature

Hello all you bunny lovers!!! The story today is about a sweet bunny named Mooi.

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko

Mooi 516


Mooi’s birthday is on July 4th, 2014. So, she is 2 years old. She used to be fostered before coming here. She is also a Dutch bunny. Her parents had not been spayed or neutered so they had too many bunnies. Mooi came in as a baby because the owners did not keep all the bunnies they had. When she came to E.A.R.S, she was grown up enough to be adopted (she has never had an home of her own).

mooi 520

 I hope my fur doesn’t get wet!


Mooi’s personality is more calm and sweet. She is a little scared at first, but when she starts to smell you, then it means it is ok to pet her. She is black and white and her front toenails look like they have been painted white! She is playful and she can be interested in what you are doing. When I was playing with her, I had a stuffed soccer ball and I put it down. She came right over and checked it out.

Mooi 505

Soccer, anyone?

Why to adopt her

If you wanted to adopt Mooi, then go ahead! She is very sweet and wants to be loved by an owner that will take her. Like I said, she has never had a home of her own and she would be so delighted to have a wonderful home to live in! So, I recommend Mooi to you for adoption!

mooi 534

Natalie enjoying the snuggles from Mooi


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