Bridget! | A Bunny Blogger Feature

Hello all bunny lovers!! I am here again with another story for you!

This one is about a sweet girl called Bridget.

By Lauren Galle-Boyko

656 bridget

Hello there!!!!!!


Bridget is a white bunny that came to E.A.R.S on St. Patrick’s Day. Some people

found her outside and then called E.A.R.S to see if we would take her (we said yes!!).

Her breed is a New Zealand mix. Her age is about 1 ½ years old.

Factoid: Did you know that bunnies are good at keeping themselves clean? They can

be litter trained as well.

671 bridget



If u wanted to spoil her, then a good place to start would be toys!!! She loves toys!

She is always very determined to be as playful as she can. She is also a very good


Fact or opinion: A bunny can survive on a diet of timothy hay. (Answer is at the end

of the blog)*

674 bridget

I’m coming for you!

Why Adopt Bridget?

She is so sweet with people as well! She would be so honored to have a sweet family

that will love her! Also if u wanted to bond her, she would be a good bonding

candidate! So, I recommend Bridget to you!

* Answer to fact or opinion: FACT

713 bridget

I am waiting for you to adopt me.

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