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Hi everyone! Today’s story is about the newcomers! We have babies!

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko

This summer of 2016, we had 2 moms give birth to 6 babies each!! The moms are

Oakley and Magnolia.

oaklee and baby

Oaklee and her baby munching on hay.

Oakley’s story:

Oakley was found in a drainpipe outside of McKean Park. When we got her out, we

noticed that she was dirty and covered in ear mites, but we cleaned her up!

After a few days, we notice that she was pregnant. Two weeks later on May 28th, she had a littler

of 6! They are now about 13 weeks old. Here are her babies!

The girls are:



 I would love a new home!



 I love to have my picture taken!



I am shy, but I would love to meet you!

 Annie Oakley

annie oakley

Like my name sake, let’s have some

adventures together!

The boys are:



I love warm snuggles!

And Cowboy


 Yee-Haw! Let’s have some fun!

Magnolia’s story:

Magnolia was found under a porch next to a park. When we got her out, she came

with 4 other babies. We already named them though. Now, we thought something

was wrong with her, but again, she was pregnant!! One weeks later on May 21st, she also had a

litter of 6! They are about 14 weeks old. Her are her bunny’s names.

Her girls are named:


Screenshot 2016-09-05 at 8.58.26 AM

 Look at how beautiful I am!



 Nora thinks she’s beautiful, but I am the beautiful




 I love binkies and walks in the meadows!

And Juniper


 This is my photogenic side!

Her boys are named:

Mr. Bojangles


 I will steal your heart with sweet kisses!

And Hemi


Don’t forget the treats!

Fact or fiction: when bunnies are curious, they sit up on their hind legs, it is called a

bunny yoga pose. Answer at end of blog*


Both moms had 4 girls and 2 boys. While E.A.R.S was at Discover Presque Isle, we

asked you, the public, to give name suggestions with a small donation. So pretty

much we had a little baby shower there, and as you can read, the names that were

chosen fit each of their lovely personalities. There were so many to choose from, and

we thank everyone for participating in our baby naming shower.

Why to adopt

Yes! All the babies are up for adoption! They are so sweet! I recommend adopting

one of these sweet bunnies to you!!!

* Answer to Fact or fiction is.. FICTION! It is called the prairie dog pose.

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