The Doctor’s Adoption Story

Helloooooooooooo fellow bunny lovers!!!!  This a new special feature where I tell you how this cute bunny got adopted. Once upon a time, his name was Oat….

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko

His Story


Is this my good side?

This summer, Oat with his friends was rescued from a breeder in Butler County.  He and his friends were housed in a garage without air conditioning.  The day he was found, the garage was at least 100 degrees!  The animals were distributed between different rescue centers, including E.A.R.S.  The animals were testing for different ailments, but Oat was healthy.

On one of my visits to the shelter, mom and I saw Oat and it was love at first hop!  We decided that he would be the perfect companion for my bunny,  Melonna!

The Adoption


 Look at my beautiful coloring!

On August 7, 2016, I was at the Because You Care animal walk with some other volunteers and my mom, she was asking when we could adopt Oat. Linda, one of the E.A.R.S founders, said, “How about today?”

Were we excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So right before the event was over, mom called dad to bring the bunny carrier.  Dad came in about 10 minutes with the bunny carrier. Mom squealed and so did I when we realized we were finally taking the bunny home today.

When we picked him up from the shelter, I got to sit in the back with him. It was so hard for me not to open up the carrier and play with him the whole way home!



Love Buns!

At my house today, he lives very hoppily in his new cage with his nearly-bonded girlfriend Melonna. We actually changed his name to The Doctor (We named him that because of a British TV show we like called Doctor Who).  Just last night (September 20, 2016), they slept side by side with just the fence of their homes between them.  Soon they will live together full-time, their bonding going well.

So with that, he and Melonna live hippity-hoppily ever after. That is the story of how this cutie got adopted by my loving family ☺


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