Julius, Caesar and sisters!!!

Hello, all ye folks at home! Today’s story is about a litter of brothers and sisters that

came to E.A.R.S. their names are Ceaser, Julius, Athena, Aphrodite, and Persephone.

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All of these sweet babies are American bunnies and they are all brothers and sisters!

They came to E.A.R.S in the year 2014. Right now they are all about 2 years old. They

came into E.A.R.S as a surrender because this family had one too many accidental

litter(s). E.A.R.S (of course) said yes to taking a litter in!


Athena, Persephone, and Aphrodite:




Athena is a sweet and loving girl is looking for a forever home they would be

delighted in having a perfect family to love them and take care of them. Persephone

is perky and is very fun to be around. Aphrodite is a calm and quiet girl and would

love to have a home that would care for her! * Turns out, these 3 sisters are a

bonded trio!!!!! They would all love happy homes together!



Ceaser is a spunky and sweet little rabbit. People say that he is a good bonding

candidate. So, if you wanted to bond your bunny with another bunny, Ceaser is the

bunny to do it with!



Julius is a sweet boy that will cuddle with you. He is very good at being a paparazzi

and he will surely pose for you!

Now, all 5 of these brothers and sisters all want to be adopted to a wonderful home!

They will surely melt your heart away! I recommend these bunnies to you!!!!!!

* Bonded bunnies are NOT TO BE separated!!! If you do want to adopt the girls, you

have to adopt them all!! Do not separate them. They are all partners for life!!!

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