Hello, all ye folks at home! Today’s story is about a litter of brothers and sisters that

came to E.A.R.S. their names are Ceaser, Julius, Athena, Aphrodite, and Persephone.

ceasar1118 julius1169sisters1202


All of these sweet babies are American bunnies and they are all brothers and sisters!

They came to E.A.R.S in the year 2014. Right now they are all about 2 years old. They

came into E.A.R.S as a surrender because this family had one too many accidental

litter(s). E.A.R.S (of course) said yes to taking a litter in!


Athena, Persephone, and Aphrodite:


Athena is a sweet and loving girl is looking for a forever home they would be

delighted in having a perfect family to love them and take care of them. Persephone

is perky and is very fun to be around. Aphrodite is a calm and quiet girl and would

love to have a home that would care for her! * Turns out, these 3 sisters are a

bonded trio!!!!! They would all love happy homes together!



Ceaser is a spunky and sweet little rabbit. People say that he is a good bonding

candidate. So, if you wanted to bond your bunny with another bunny, Ceaser is the

bunny to do it with!



Julius is a sweet boy that will cuddle with you. He is very good at being a paparazzi

and he will surely pose for you!

Now, all 5 of these brothers and sisters all want to be adopted to a wonderful home!

They will surely melt your heart away! I recommend these bunnies to you!!!!!!

* Bonded bunnies are NOT TO BE separated!!! If you do want to adopt the girls, you

have to adopt them all!! Do not separate them. They are all partners for life!!!

Helloooooooooooo fellow bunny lovers!!!!  This a new special feature where I tell you how this cute bunny got adopted. Once upon a time, his name was Oat….

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko

His Story


Is this my good side?

This summer, Oat with his friends was rescued from a breeder in Butler County.  He and his friends were housed in a garage without air conditioning.  The day he was found, the garage was at least 100 degrees!  The animals were distributed between different rescue centers, including E.A.R.S.  The animals were testing for different ailments, but Oat was healthy.

On one of my visits to the shelter, mom and I saw Oat and it was love at first hop!  We decided that he would be the perfect companion for my bunny,  Melonna!

The Adoption


 Look at my beautiful coloring!

On August 7, 2016, I was at the Because You Care animal walk with some other volunteers and my mom, she was asking when we could adopt Oat. Linda, one of the E.A.R.S founders, said, “How about today?”

Were we excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So right before the event was over, mom called dad to bring the bunny carrier.  Dad came in about 10 minutes with the bunny carrier. Mom squealed and so did I when we realized we were finally taking the bunny home today.

When we picked him up from the shelter, I got to sit in the back with him. It was so hard for me not to open up the carrier and play with him the whole way home!



Love Buns!

At my house today, he lives very hoppily in his new cage with his nearly-bonded girlfriend Melonna. We actually changed his name to The Doctor (We named him that because of a British TV show we like called Doctor Who).  Just last night (September 20, 2016), they slept side by side with just the fence of their homes between them.  Soon they will live together full-time, their bonding going well.

So with that, he and Melonna live hippity-hoppily ever after. That is the story of how this cutie got adopted by my loving family ☺



Hi everyone! Today’s story is about the newcomers! We have babies!

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko

This summer of 2016, we had 2 moms give birth to 6 babies each!! The moms are

Oakley and Magnolia.

oaklee and baby

Oaklee and her baby munching on hay.

Oakley’s story:

Oakley was found in a drainpipe outside of McKean Park. When we got her out, we

noticed that she was dirty and covered in ear mites, but we cleaned her up!

After a few days, we notice that she was pregnant. Two weeks later on May 28th, she had a littler

of 6! They are now about 13 weeks old. Here are her babies!

The girls are:



I would love a new home!



I love to have my picture taken!



I am shy, but I would love to meet you!

Annie Oakley

annie oakley

Like my name sake, let’s have some

adventures together!

The boys are:



I love warm snuggles!

And Cowboy


Yee-Haw! Let’s have some fun!

Magnolia’s story:

Magnolia was found under a porch next to a park. When we got her out, she came

with 4 other babies. We already named them though. Now, we thought something

was wrong with her, but again, she was pregnant!! One weeks later on May 21st, she also had a

litter of 6! They are about 14 weeks old. Her are her bunny’s names.

Her girls are named:


Screenshot 2016-09-05 at 8.58.26 AM

Look at how beautiful I am!



Nora thinks she’s beautiful, but I am the beautiful




I love binkies and walks in the meadows!

And Juniper


This is my photogenic side!

Her boys are named:

Mr. Bojangles


I will steal your heart with sweet kisses!

And Hemi


Don’t forget the treats!

Fact or fiction: when bunnies are curious, they sit up on their hind legs, it is called a

bunny yoga pose. Answer at end of blog*


Both moms had 4 girls and 2 boys. While E.A.R.S was at Discover Presque Isle, we

asked you, the public, to give name suggestions with a small donation. So pretty

much we had a little baby shower there, and as you can read, the names that were

chosen fit each of their lovely personalities. There were so many to choose from, and

we thank everyone for participating in our baby naming shower.

Why to adopt

Yes! All the babies are up for adoption! They are so sweet! I recommend adopting

one of these sweet bunnies to you!!!

* Answer to Fact or fiction is.. FICTION! It is called the prairie dog pose.

Hello all bunny lovers!! I am here again with another story for you!

This one is about a sweet girl called Bridget.

By Lauren Galle-Boyko

656 bridget

Hello there!!!!!!


Bridget is a white bunny that came to E.A.R.S on St. Patrick’s Day. Some people

found her outside and then called E.A.R.S to see if we would take her (we said yes!!).

Her breed is a New Zealand mix. Her age is about 1 ½ years old.

Factoid: Did you know that bunnies are good at keeping themselves clean? They can

be litter trained as well.

671 bridget



If u wanted to spoil her, then a good place to start would be toys!!! She loves toys!

She is always very determined to be as playful as she can. She is also a very good


Fact or opinion: A bunny can survive on a diet of timothy hay. (Answer is at the end

of the blog)*

674 bridget

I’m coming for you!

Why Adopt Bridget?

She is so sweet with people as well! She would be so honored to have a sweet family

that will love her! Also if u wanted to bond her, she would be a good bonding

candidate! So, I recommend Bridget to you!

* Answer to fact or opinion: FACT

713 bridget

I am waiting for you to adopt me.

Hello everyone!! I have another bunny story for you!

This little bunny’s name is Thor.

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko

Thor 615

Snuggle Bunny, I love you!


Thor was brought to E.A.R.S as a baby by his owner because his owner had an accidental litter. He is 2 years old and is a silver fox breed. His fur color is black. He was fostered before coming, but now he is at E.A.R.S waiting for a loving family to take him home.

Fact: It is known that if a bunny is bonded to another bunny, they are inseparable!

thor 593

 Notice his front paws and the shape his darkened fur makes!)


Now, Thor loves to be pet! He will sit and let you pet him and he is sooo soft!!!!!! If you want to take a picture of him, well, he will definitely pose for you as well!!! He will sniff playfully.

Fact: Did you know that if a bunny does a binky, that means he/she is very happy?

Why to adopt Thor

If you are thinking to adopt this cute bunny, then do it!! He will melt your heart away. This bunny needs to be adopted into a loving home and be very well taken care of. I recommend Thor to you!!!!

Thor 597

Pet me!!!

It is always a hoppy day at E.A.R.S!  On this particular interview day, the bunnies were visited by several children and enjoying the special attention they were getting.  This blog article features several bunnies and their visitor friends.

By: Lauren Galle-Boyko



This little cutie is a lion head/silver martin breed and he 1 ½ years old. He, along with his brother, were not wanted by the owner.  So, the owner brought him and his brother to E.A.R.S. His brother was adopted, and now Oliver is looking for a home of his own. In this picture, David St. George came to visit.



Little Chip came from  New Jersey. He came to E.A.R.S. because if he was not taken in by a rescue he would have been sent to auction. Chip is 5 months old. He is an English lop bunny with VERY long ears!!! He is a love bug!! Chip was adopted once, but it wasn’t a good match with the family dog. So he, once again, is looking for a forever home.  This photo features visitor Aidan stopping by to enjoy the sun with him.




This pretty brown/gray bunny is named Courage. She is 1 ½ years old and is a mini-lop. The snap shot of courage has Lauren (me) holding her. She already has a loving family, but we have more mini lops up for adoption just as beautiful as her.


mooi 534 (1)

And of course, don’t forget Mooi (our bunny feature from last week). At E.A.R.S, Mooi looks sad in her cage, but when she comes out to play, she is very lively with people and other bunnies! Natalie St. George was also visiting this day and enjoyed her snuggles. She is a Dutch bunny.


No matter which bunny you choose, they all would love to have a family to call their own. Adopting a bunny makes your family and home complete.

Hey guys!!! This week’s blog is about a bunny named Claudia.

395 claudia


Claudia is a female bunny and she is 4 years old. We do not know what kind of breed

she is. She arrived in December of 2013. The reason of why she came here was of

owner surrender. This means the original family gave up their pet so that another

loving home could have her. That is why they gave her to E.A.R.S Interesting though,

before she came, the family thought she was a male. The name was actually Clyde,

but we changed it to Claudia.

323 claudia

Now, this cute bunny hasn’t been spayed*, and for her situation, she can’t have any

other bunnies in the household. So, if you are looking for only one bunny to love,

Claudia is your girl!!!

327 claudia


Claudia’s personality is so cute. She has chocolate-brown fur and honey-brown eyes.

When you first meet her, she might come to you. What you want to do is put your

hand out for her to smell you. She will decide if she likes you or not. For me, she

liked me immediately, and she is very friendly. She smells every thing at first. When

I played with her, she went through the tube and it felt like we were playing a game

of hide and seek!!

334 claudia

Why to adopt her

This cute little bunny loves to cuddle with you and is very sweet and loving. She is

one of the bunnies that have been at this shelter for the longest time!!! Another thing

is that she LOVES to be pet! She could be your perfect bunny companion. Overall, I

recommend Claudia to be adopted by a sweet, one-bunny family that will take care

of her well!

362 claudia

-Bunny Blogger Lauren, 11

*Claudia cannot be spayed. EARS spays/neuters all of our rabbits unless, like Claudia’s case, the procedure is too risky. We attempted to have Claudia spayed shortly after she came into rescue, but during the procedure the veterinarian noticed something was wrong and did not spay her, knowing it was too risky to continue.




Betsy Ross and Mr. Nibbles

For my first story, I want to introduce you to two special bunnies from our organization, Betsy Ross and Mr. Nibbles. Even though these bunnies were rescued and brought to EARS at different times, while in foster care, they decided they wanted to be with each other.


Mr. Nibbles is about 2 years old. Before he came to E.A.R.S, he was a summer bunny that lived at Camp Notre Dame.  The campers were given a chance to adopt bunnies. All the other bunnies got adopted but him! The people at this camp called E.A.R.S, and asked if they would take Mr. Nibbles in. Of course we said yes!

Betsy Ross (or Baby Girl) came from a flea market at 4 months old. She is over 1 year old now. As you might see in her pictures, Betsy does not have an ear. We do not know what happened, so we can only guess. When she was rescued, Betsey had no food or water and she was in the hot sun all day! Thank goodness E.A.R.S rescued her!  In this feature photo, it looks like she is praying.  I wonder if she is thankful for being rescued or praying to be adopted?

Because they want to be with each other, now they are bonded. This means, they are life partners and they CANNOT be separated.  They must be adopted together.  And what a cute pair they are!


Betsy is a Flemish bunny. Betsy got her name because she was rescued on the 4th of July. She loves to smell everything to get used to it. She is very inquisitive. She is shy at first.

Mr. Nibbles is adorable! He is half lop bunny and half chinchilla. He also loves to smell everything and is very inquisitive. He is shy as well. He also loves to play/run in a tube!  In this picture, he looks like he’s ready to take off like an airplane, landing in your loving home.

They are the perfect pair. Some things they do together.  They will groom each other, eat food together, play together (chasing), and they always look out for each other. Overall, they LOVE to be together!!!!!!!!

Why to adopt them both

If someone were to adopt both of these adorable bunnies, they would be perfect because you wouldn’t get enough of them! They are they most cute, most adorable, and most awesome pets to have! I recommend Mr. Nibbles and Betsy Ross for you to adopt!!!

UPDATE: Betsy Ross and Mr. Nibbles have been adopted and now live happily ever after in their forever home! 


Meet the bunnies of the week- Abel and Ollie!

Abel and Ollie are the newest Avengers!
Abel and Ollie are the newest Avengers!

Abel and Ollie are bonded brothers. Their former owner had two bunnies that she thought were both female until one had a litter (we hear this story a lot- pet stores are not good at determining the sex of rabbits). She didn’t separate them quickly enough after the first litter was born and the bunny got pregnant again. The first litter, five boys, came to EARS. They were raised in a foster home and named Abel, Dobby, Ollie, Pitri, and Theo (together, their initials spell ADOPT). Abel and Ollie are the last of the litter still at the shelter! They are just under one year old. They are relatively small, Netherland Dwarf and Mini Rex mixes (although they do not have the classic Rex fur).

Abel wants to be a leader like Cap!
Abel wants to be a leader like Cap!
Captain America is no match!
Captain America is no match!
Cap has been defeated!
Abel is the leader now. Avengers assemble!

Abel is a sweet and cuddly little ball of energy! He is incredibly friendly- he loves head scratches and attention. Just let him out of his crate, sit back, and watch the adorable binkies! He is very playful and fun and impossibly lovable.

Ollie is helping Thor in the fight against Ultron.
Ollie is helping Thor in the fight against Ultron.
Thor riding into battle on his brave bunny friend!

Ollie is slightly bigger than his brother (which is how we tell them apart). Like his brother, he is also super friendly! He loves to snuggle and have his head scratched. He also does a lot of binkies when he is allowed to run free, which are always adorable and entertaining to watch! He is so happy and energetic and he needs a home where he can be showered with love and attention!

"We will use our powers of cute to win the battle!"
“We will use our powers of cute to win the battle!”
Ultron has been defeated!
Ultron has been defeated!

Abel and Ollie are very sweet boys. They are so friendly and happy, it’s amazing that they haven’t been adopted yet! They do so many binkies together they should just be called the binky brothers! These boys would love a forever home where they will have room to showcase their incredible binky skills. Visit EARS to meet Abel and Ollie!

Preview of Infinity War.
Preview of Infinity War. “We need backup- call Abel and Ollie!”

Meet Harriet, the bunny of the week!

Harriet is a punk rocker!
Harriet is a punk rocker- just look at that hair!

Harriet is the daughter of Maverick (adopted) and Rogue (at French Creek). Maverick and Rogue were released outside by their owner along with 12 other rabbits. They were the only two to survive the cold Erie winter of 2013. When they were rescued, and Rogue had her babies, she was so stressed that she started to kill them (not a common behavior for rabbits). Luckily, Ginny‘s babies were only a week old so we put Harriet with her and Ginny accepted her as one of her own. Harriet has been at EARS since April of 2014 (she is just over a year old).

She's a punk punk... punk rocker!
She’s a punk punk… punk rocker!

Harriet is a spunky Lionhead with a big attitude. She is quite gorgeous with her blue eyes, white mane, and lightning pattern on her head. Harriet has the endless energy that comes with being a young rabbit and, like most rabbits, doesn’t enjoy being stuck in a crate all day. She is much happier when she is out of her crate and has room to run. She has so much energy and needs a lot of exercise to work it off. She would do best as a free roam rabbit. It is always entertaining to watch her zoom around and do binkies at top speed!

"Why yes, I am gorgeous!"
“Why yes, I am gorgeous!”

Harriet can be cage territorial and gets annoyed when people mess with her stuff. She needs a home that has experience with rabbits. She would not be a good fit for a home with young children. Harriet needs someone who will provide her with love and understanding, someone who will give her the attention she needs, but also respect her boundaries. If you think you’re up to the challenge, come to the shelter to visit Harriet!

"Growling is just my way of saying I love you."
“Are you done taking pictures yet? I want to go play!”

Meet the bunnies of the week- Caesar, Julius, Magnus, Aphrodite, Athena, and Persephone!

All six when they were only a few months old.
All six when they were only a few months old.

These six adorable bunnies are all brothers and sisters! Caesar, Julius, and Magnus are boys and live separately (and can be adopted individually). Aphrodite, Athena, and Persephone are girls and all three live together happily! The babies were brought in by a woman who took in four rabbits that were dumped onto her property- the two females were pregnant. One litter went to French Creek Animal Rescue, and the other litter came to EARS. The “babies” are now 9 months old, all are spayed or neutered, and they are looking for forever homes!

"Why hello, my name is Magnus."
“Why hello, my name is Magnus.”
Handsome Magnus.
Handsome Magnus.
"Hey, these grapes aren't real!"
“Hey, these grapes aren’t real!”
"You know you want to pet me!"
“You know you want to pet me!”

Magnus was featured previously as a special needs bunny. He hurt his back leg, and now has a bit of a limp. He is not in pain, not on any medications, and is able to get around easily. Magnus is one of the friendliest bunnies you will ever meet. He loves to cuddle and be held, and he really loves attention. He is a great bunny and he needs a forever home that can give him lots of love!

Caesar is an adorable little guy!
Caesar is an adorable little guy!
"Wait wait wait! Get my good side!"
“Wait wait wait! Get my good side!”
"Any treats in here?"
“Any treats in here?”
Come meet regal Caesar!
Come meet regal Caesar!

Caesar is a sweet boy who is very curious and adventurous. He always loves to have his head scratched. He enjoys running around out of his crate and seeing what kind of mischief he can get into.

Crazy, energetic Julius.
Crazy, energetic Julius.
“Nope, still no treats in here.”
“Being this cute is exhausting!”
Wouldn’t you love to take this cute face home with you?

Julius is a cute, energetic little man. He begs for attention when you walk by, and as soon as you open the door, he runs around and does binkies at stop speed! He is the binky king! He looks just like a wild bunny, but he’s so friendly and cuddly. It’s impossible not to love this little guy!

Aphrodite, Persephone, and Athena are beautiful girls who love to cuddle.
Aphrodite, Persephone, and Athena are beautiful girls who love to cuddle.
Bunny disapproval x3
Bunny disapproval x3
"Excuse me hooman, you are interrupting our snuggle time."
“Excuse me hooman, you are interrupting our snuggle time.”

Aphrodite, Persephone, and Athena are sweet sisters. They are shy around people, but with time and patience they will warm up to you. They do not mind being held. All three girls love to snuggle together. They tend to sleep in a big bunny pile! They are so adorable together, every time you look at them you have to suppress a squeal!

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love!
Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love!
"I will love you forever if you give me a home!"
“I will love you forever if you give me a home!”
Persephone is the goddess of earth and growth!
Persephone is the goddess of earth and growth!
"I also eat the plants after they grow."
“I also eat the plants after they grow.”
Athena is the goddess of wisdom!
Athena is the goddess of wisdom!
"It would be wise to adopt us."
“It would be wise to adopt us.”

All six of these adorable brothers and sisters need a loving forever home! They are all such sweet and happy bunnies, you’d have to be crazy not to love them! Each has their own unique personality and spunk! Come to the shelter to meet the bunnies and consider giving them the home they deserve!

Persephone4 tongue