How to Pet a Rabbit

Rabbits love to be pet! The more love you give them, the more they will want. However, there are right and wrong ways to pet a bunny.

First, you should get down to your rabbit’s level. It is always best to sit down next to the bunny, or even lay down.

Your hand should be visible as it approaches the bunny to pet him or her. Bunnies have a blind spot directly in front of their face, so your hand should be slightly to the left or right in front of them.

The best places to pet are the top of the head, the ears (very gently), and behind the ears. You can also pet your bun on its back.

You should avoid petting your bun on its behind, under the chin, or the feet.

You’ll know your rabbit is enjoying its petting session when you hear it grind its teeth, or if the rabbit “melts” into the floor!