We are so thankful to have such great partners to work with us on events, supplies, and projects! Here are some of the partners we work with:

  • Oxbow Animal Health
    At the shelter we use Oxbow food and hay because we love the high-quality products that Oxbow provides.
  • PrintingCenterUSA
    We use PrintingCenterUSA for our calendars that we use for fundraising. The price, quality, and customer service are excellent and we highly recommend them for any print project!
  • Pulakos Chocolates
    We get our candy bars for fundraising from Pulakos Chocolates! They sell out pretty quickly, because they are so yummy!
  • Bonfire
    We get our shirts for fundraising from Bonfire. We love their high-quality printed shirts, and they make fundraising so easy. We even get to have our own virtual storefront!
  • Allivet
    We love Allivet for meds! Allivet is a fully licensed pharmacy and has the lowest prices you’ll find for pet meds. We use them for most of our meds for our buns.