Volunteer Application

We are always looking for adult volunteers to help with cleaning and feeding! Cleaning times are usually 9am-2pm every day. Feeding times are usually 5-7pm every day. Hours sometimes vary, so call ahead to ensure that someone will be there if you intend to stop by. If you can’t make these times, contact us and we can work with your schedule!

How do I Volunteer?

You may fill out the electronic form below, or download this form & email it to eriearearabbitsocietyandrescue@gmail.com.

For cage cleaning, please read the Cage Cleaner Guidelines before you come for training.

The minimum age to volunteer is 12. For safety and liability reasons, no children under the age of 12 will be allowed to volunteer. Children who are 12 and up must be accompanied by an adult, unless they are of high school age.


    Community Service Hours

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are doing community service hours for a discipline-related reason and you do not disclose that to us before volunteering, your volunteer hours WILL NOT COUNT towards your requirement.

    If you are doing community service hours, please tell us for which school or organization.