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Meet Beverly, our volunteer from West Decatur, PA! Beverly’s employer, Penelec, allows her 16 hours per year of paid volunteer hours, which she chooses to spend on the bunnies! Although she lives four hours away, she comes up to see us a few times a year to help clean cages, and to do a wonderful deep clean where she even scrubs the floors!


Heather has been volunteering at EARS since January 2020. Here she is pictured with her bunny Comet. She is the Volunteer Coordinator and Graphic Designer for EARS, and she also cleans cages and transports bunnies to the vet. Her favorite part about volunteering is getting to pet all the bunnies each week!


Katy has been volunteering at EARS since 2014. She helps in all aspects of EARS from cleaning to rescuing. She has bunnies of her own and loves to help the bunnies at EARS. Katy loves interacting with bunnies because of their unique personalities. She says, “Bunnies aren’t always the easiest or cheapest to care for, but they are well worth it to me.”


Kaitlyn has been volunteering at EARS since 2016. She is a Neurologist and works at both UPMC Hamot and Encompass Health. She is on the EARS board, medical team, and rescue team. She also runs the exercise team program at EARS and the EARS Instagram! Her favorite thing about volunteering at EARS is going out and rescuing bunnies that are in need. She loves watching them get better from their illnesses and ultimately going on to their forever homes! Kaitlyn says, “Sometimes rescues are really hard, but it is such a rewarding experience!”


Kellie has been a volunteer at EARS since 2014. In addition to cleaning cages, feeding the bunnies, and transporting buns to the vet, Kellie is also in charge of fundraising and events for EARS! She has 5 buns of her own at home! She loves volunteering at EARS because she loves bunnies, and she finds it rewarding to help bunnies in need.


Kristen has been volunteering at EARS since 2018. She is the lead volunteer on Sundays, and she has an adorable bun of her own named Bitsy. Kristen volunteers at EARS because she loves knowing she is helping care for the bunnies so they can get an amazing home someday! Here she is with Boomer, her sweet bunny who passed away on Valentine’s Day of this year.

Mary Margaret (NeuroRestorative)

For the past several years, Mary Margaret has been bringing a team of volunteers from NeuroRestorative to clean cages and exercise bunnies each week. She also has been a longtime foster of bunnies, which is a huge help as we are always in need of fosters.


Paul has been volunteering since 2020 and loves getting to know each bunny individually. He loved rabbits as a kid, and by taking care of them he feels like he gets a second childhood! Here he is holding Ruger, one of his favorite buns at the shelter. You’ll often find him singing to the bunnies or making polite conversation. “You Are My Sunshine” is one of his specialties! Paul is so dedicated that he comes and cleans three days a week, and he never leaves until every last bit is done!


Shannon has been volunteering with EARS since 2015 when she adopted her first bunny. She is part of the medical and rescue team, and she’s also the Foster Coordinator. She currently has 6 bunnies at home, including a medical foster that requires daily medications. Shannon says, “I love volunteering and being a part of such an amazing, caring and compassionate group of people. I love spending time with the bunnies and getting to know their personalities and then watching them find their furever homes.”