Meet the Team

Kaitlyn B

Kaitlyn is one of our most dedicated volunteers! She is on the Medical Team and the Rescue Team. Her favorite part about volunteering for EARS is getting to rescue the bunnies and then watch their progress as they are rehabilitated.

Dave and Paul

Dave and Paul are two of our senior volunteers. Dave is a longtime friend of Ron’s (the founder of EARS), who decided to help him out by volunteering. Little did he know, he would fall in love with the buns! Paul has been volunteering since 2020 and loves getting to know each bunny individually. He loved rabbits as a kid, and by taking care of them he feels like he gets a second childhood!

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance has been a longtime supporter of EARS. They visit the shelter as part of their community outreach program, and they do great work cleaning the pink bungalow, exercising, scrubbing the floors and windows, and cuddling with some loveable bunnies! Pictured here are Erie Insurance Exchange volunteers Cara ( holding Leroy), Irma (Sofia), Taryn (Mooshi), and Patrick (Barolo).

Eileen and Jim

Eileen and Jim have been volunteering for two years. They clean cages, exercise bunnies, groom, and participate in public events. They have two bunnies at home, but they also treat every bun at EARS as if it were their own!

National Fuel Gas

Huge bunny Thump and thank you to the wonderful volunteers (and families) from National Fuel Gas who help us clean at the shelter – such wonderful hard-working, caring people and delightful bunny lovers! Here they are with their bunny assistants, Almond, Joy, Wilma, and Emma!


Heather has been volunteering at EARS since January 2020. Here she is pictured with her bunny Comet. She cleans cages, transports bunnies to the vet, maintains the website, and does graphic design work for EARS. Her favorite part about volunteering is getting to pet all the bunnies each week!

Mary-Margaret T (NeuroRestorative)

For the past several years, Mary-Margaret has been bringing a team of volunteers from NeuroRestorative to clean cages and exercise bunnies each week. This has been halted due to COVID, but we can’t wait to have her and her helpful team back! She also has been a longtime foster of bunnies, which is a huge help as we are always in need of fosters.

Erie Collegiate Academy’s National Honor Society

Shout out to this fantastic team from the National Honor Society at Erie Collegiate Academy. Various members volunteer at the shelter every Tuesday and Wednesday after school as part of their community service commitment. Pictured here are Vanessa with Nod and Jack with Barolo. In the back are Destiny with Lindor and Helen with Jack.

Kristen H

Kristen has been volunteering at Ears for more than 2 years! She is the lead volunteer on Sundays, and she has two adorable buns of her own.

Savannah, Angela, and Elaine

Savannah, Angela, Elaine have been Ears volunteers for over 4 years.