Sponsor a Bunny

Sponsoring a bun covers the cost of caring for a resident of our shelter. By sponsoring, you are helping us to pay for food, vet care, and spay/neuter procedures for bunnies currently under our care, which in turn allows us to help more surrendered or abandoned rabbits! The cost per year is $180 per bunny. Sponsorships can be made in amounts of $180 for one year, $90 for six months, and $45 for three months. Adoptable rabbits may be seen on our Adoptables page. Select a rabbit to sponsor by including the rabbit’s name as a note when making the sponsorship payment via PayPal.

Benefits of sponsorship:

  • Your name will be added to your chosen bunny’s adoption page on Petfinder
  • We will email you a picture of the bunny you sponsored
  • We will notify you when your sponsored bunny is adopted (and you may choose another bunny if your sponsorship has not ended)

How to Sponsor:

  1. Browse our Adoptables page to find a bunny you’d like to sponsor.
  2. Select your level of sponsorship below and click the Donate button.
  3. Be sure to include the bunny’s name in the PayPal Notes for the donation.

Select your level of sponsorship:

  • 1 year- $180

  • 6 months- $90

  • 3 months- $45