Volunteer Opportunities

At EARS, we have many different types of volunteer opportunities! If any of these interest you, please apply to volunteer. We’d love to have you!

Join the team


Cleaning Cages

We clean cages from 9am to around 11 or 12 each day. Cleaning cages involves changing paper in the bottom of the cage, changing out the hay pan, and changing the bunny’s water… and petting the bunny, of course!


Feeders come every evening to give the bunnies their pellets, fill up their hay, and give them pets. Feeding is very rewarding because the buns are always VERY excited for their evening meal!

Exercising Bunnies

Rabbits need ample exercise to prevent them from getting overweight. Our exercisers bring bunnies to our outdoor gazebo, and supervise their zoomies, binkies, and other shenanigans!

Rescue Team

Our rescue team responds to calls about domestic bunnies that are spotted in the wild. Every case is a challenge, whether it involves climbing, hopping, or patient luring of the bun to bring it to safety.


Each bunny we rescue is first fostered for three weeks due to the contagious disease RHD. Fostering involves having a proper setup for the rabbit, and providing regular feeding and exercise.

Unloading Hay

We get 100 bales of hay per month – and that means we have a LOT of hay to unload and carry into the hay shed. We appreciate any help with this monumental task!

Medical Team

Our medical team works every day to give special buns their medications as well as address issues that our other volunteers might notice such as abnormalities in the hay box, sores, etc. They keep our buns happy and healthy!

Team Building for Organizations

Volunteering at EARS is a great way to build comradery amongst team members in an organization. We greatly appreciate companies like ERIE Insurance, National Fuel Gas, and NeuroRestorative for their continued support with cleaning at EARS!

Deep Cleaning

The EARS shelter requires a periodic deep cleaning, which involves pulling out cages to hose them down, scrubbing the gazebo, and cleaning hard-to-reach places. It’s a big job, but so very rewarding when the buns give you a stomp and a purr for your efforts!

Represent EARS at Events

Part of the success of EARS comes from awareness, and that requires participation in public events like donation drives, fundraisers, and other community happenings. It involves educating the public on our mission, getting donations, and answering questions about rabbit care. We already know you’re a rabbit person, but if you’re also a people-person, this would be the perfect opportunity for you!

Transport Buns to the Vet

We often need bunnies to be transported to the vet for spaying, neutering, checkups, or health issues.  Sometimes the bunnies need to be taken to a vet in Erie, and sometimes much farther – to Ohio! Do you love road trips? Do you also love bunnies? If so, this is for you!