Foster Questionnaire

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. The information you provide will help us help you find the rabbit who best fits with you and your family. Feel free to expand on any issue or ask any questions in the Comments section at the end. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Requirements to be a foster are as follows:

  • Intake fosters must not currently own any rabbits (Sanctuary fosters are exempt from this rule)
  • Rabbit must be kept indoors only
  • Foster must live within an hour of Erie, PA

Please be aware that intake bunnies are new rescues/surrenders. We may not be aware of medical conditions or personalities prior to their rescue. All new intakes are thoroughly examined by one of our trained volunteers. If it is determined a vet visit is needed, all expenses will be the responsibility of EARS. Any and all concerns regarding the bunny must be promptly communicated to EARS. Questions concerning the bunny or their care are always welcomed and encouraged.

    Your Info

    Please note: Fosters must live within thirty minutes of Erie, PA

    Your Household

    Please list first name & age of family members and other people who live in your household, including roommates, students, etc.

    Housing (check all that apply):
    OwnRentLive with ParentsSchoolMilitaryHouseCondoApartmentMobile Home


    Please give us two personal references from people who can attest to your commitment to your animals:

    1. Relationship to you:

    2. Relationship to you:

    Hopes and Expectations

    Please describe the level of research you have done to date on rabbits and rabbit care:
    None yetHouse Rabbit SocietyBreederFriend with rabbit experienceHouse Rabbit HandbookOther books on rabbit carePreliminary internet researchExtensive internet researchPet StoreOther

    Pet History

    Please list all animals currently in the household:
    Please note: In order to be an intake foster, you must not currently own any other rabbits, due to RHD.

    Please describe the animals, including rabbits, no longer in your household:

    Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter? If so, please describe the circumstances:

    Have you personally ever given away any of your pets? If so, please describe the circumstances:

    Ongoing Care

    Please describe your plans for your foster bunny's living conditions:
    Please note: Foster rabbits must be kept indoors only.
    CageContained areaFree roam
    If Cage or Contained Area, please provide dimensions:
    Location of living space:
    Amount of play time per day (hrs):
    Amount of time with people per day (hrs):
    Are you willing and able to transport the bunny to the vet if needed?
    Are you willing to take the bunny to adoption events? If so, how often?

    Your comments or questions:

    I hereby certify that all the information on this application is true, and I understand that false information may void this application and any future applications. I also understand that failure to comply with future requirements, such as spaying or neutering, could result in my inability to foster more animals from this organization.