Sanctuary Fosters

Some of our elderly and special needs bunnies are available as sanctuary, or long-term, fosters. These buns have lived at the shelter for most or all of their lives, and are wonderful bunnies who are just overlooked because they’re not fuzzy or fancy. They need their chance at a home too! Fostering these buns allows them to live in a cozy home environment, while still having their financial needs met by EARS. These special buns might require medication, sub-q fluid injections, vet visits, or other special treatments.

Please fill out the foster questionnaire if interested in being an intake or sanctuary foster.

Below are some of our special buns that are available for long-term fostering.

Heidi & Carolina

Hi, we are Heidi and Carolina! We are two sweet sisters that are bonded to each other! We came to EARS as newborns in early 2014 and have lived at the shelter since. Please consider fostering us – we would love to have a home to call our very own! If you’re looking for a pair of buns that can keep each other company, but still give you lots of love, then we may just be perfect for you!

Special care: Carolina has sludge and requires sub-q fluids daily. They are not hard to give and Carolina is very good about it!


Hi, I’m Ruby! I’m a special needs bunny with liver issues, so I need lots of love and care! I’m very calm and relaxed, and I love cuddles! If you’re looking for a bunny to love who will love you unconditionally in return, then I’m the one for you!

Special care: Ruby needs meds orally twice daily and sub-q’s every other day.