Adoption Application

Please Note: Adoptions will be suspended December 18, 2024 through January 2, 2025. You are still welcome to fill out an application, but it won’t be processed until after January 2, 2025.

The first step in the adoption process is to fill out an application. Then, you can make an appointment to visit the bunnies! Our adoption fee is $75 for a single bunny or $120 for a pair.

You can print & fill out our adoption form (PDF) to drop off or mail, or fill out the online form below. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your application to be processed.

    E.A.R.S. reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

    E.A.R.S. also may require you to come in and volunteer prior to the adoption being approved.

    Please answer each question carefully and with as much detail as possible.

    Your Info

    Rabbit Info

    If you have a bun picked out, please enter his/her info:

    Rabbit Owner Pledge

    Adoption Details

    1. Have you had rabbits in the past? If yes, how many, what sex and where were the rabbits kept? What
      happened to those rabbits?

    2. Do you have a rabbit now?

    3. Is this bunny intended to be a companion for another family rabbit?

    4. Please describe what your rabbit’s diet will be:

    5. Do you have or plan on getting any other animals? If yes, what kind?

    6. Do you own your own house or rent an apartment?
      For how long?
      (sometimes apartments will not allow rabbits as pets.)

    7. Name and phone number of Landlord if you rent.

    8. Is your home bunny-proofed? (Electric cords are covered, there are no chemicals on the floors, toxic
      plants have been removed from the rabbit’s living and play areas, have plenty of cardboard, etc.)

    9. Are you aware that rabbits like to chew and may want to chew the carpet or furniture? (Don’t hit or strike
      them! We can help with ways to prevent this from happening.)
      Is there any behavior you cannot accept in a rabbit?

    10. What type of enclosure are you planning to use for the rabbits and where will they live?

    11. Describe the ways you plan to allow your rabbits to exercise, number of hours, space, etc.

    12. If you go away on vacation, who will take care of the rabbits? (E.A.R.S. offers boarding to their adoption
      families at a very reasonable rate.)

    13. What is your veterinarian’s name, phone number and address?
      (If you don’t have one, we can provide a list of approved rabbit vets)

    14. Do you currently have any other pets? Please describe type, breed, age, sex, and whether spayed or neutered
      (include all animals in household including roommate’s pets). How long have you had these pets? Where
      are other pets kept during the day and where at night?

    15. What would you do if/when your rabbit(s) require extensive veterinary care (e.g., surgery) costing in
      excess of $1000 at one time or over several years? We recommend having a $500 emergency animal fund.

    16. What would you do with the rabbits in the following situations? (We request you contact us if for ANY reason you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer keep the bunny.)

      • your apartment no longer allows pets

      • your (new) roommate is allergic to rabbits

      • your (new) significant other is allergic to rabbits

      • you and your significant other separate

    17. All adoptions have a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable board members at your home.
      Do we have permission to visit your home?

    18. Are you interested in doing volunteer work? (If you are not able to adopt, are you interested in fostering, or sponsoring one bunny at least to be neutered or spayed?)

    19. What made you interested in adopting a rabbit as a pet?

    20. Are there any questions that you would like us to answer?

    Before you adopt you will need:

    • An exercise pen or large/x-large dog crate

    • Timothy hay and oxbow pellets

    • Ceramic food and water bowls

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this adoption application. Applicants who are approved for adoption will be contacted.