Wild Rabbit FAQ

How do I know if a rabbit I see outside is a wild rabbit or an abandoned domestic rabbit?

Wild rabbits are usually Eastern Cottontails, which are brown with a very fluffy white tail (see photo above). There is also a rare possibility of seeing a wild black bunny. Domestic rabbits can be white, black, grey, or a mix of colors – so if you see a rabbit that doesn’t look like an Eastern Cottontail, it’s probably a domestic rabbit that was abandoned or ran away from home.

I found orphaned baby rabbits, what do I do?

If you find orphaned baby rabbits, the best thing you can do for them is to let them be. If you already “rescued” them, put them back where you found them. Baby bunnies are usually left unattended by their mother, who only visits at night so that she does not draw attention to them. Just because you do not see the mother around does not mean the babies have been abandoned. By removing baby bunnies from their nest, you are reducing their chance of survival.

I found an injured wild rabbit, what do I do?

Please contact either Tamarack Wildlife Rehab Center, or Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehab Center. Contact info below.


Tamarack Wildlife Rehab Center
501c3 Non-Profit, Donations Appreciated
21601 Stull Rd.
Saegertown, PA 16433
Carol Holmgren, Director


Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehab Center
501c3 Non-Profit, Donations Appreciated
889 Farren Surrena Rd
Harrisville, PA 16038
Maryjane Angelo, Director