Adopt or Purchase?

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Adoption Over Purchasing

So you’ve decided to add a hoppy friend to your family! Now the big question – Adopt from a shelter or purchase from a pet store or breeder? Here are 5 reasons why you should choose adoption over purchasing!

1. Less stray rabbits in the world.

Did you know there are 6.2 million domestic rabbits in rescues across the United States? Yes you read that right, 6.2 million! Rescues are overcrowded and by adopting one (or two) rabbits, you create space(s) for more rabbits to receive care, shelter, and refuge. That is why even if a rabbit breeder is reputable, it is still better to adopt from a rescue – because as long as there are homeless bunnies in the world, we should be adopting them out.

2. You’d have a leg up on medical care.

The rabbits have received medical care, including vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries prior to adoption. The volunteers are aware of any health issues and are available to provide information and education. They can refer you to a rabbit-savvy vet in the area. They’ll also be available in the future should any issues arise with your rabbit. (Note that this is not a substitute for regular veterinary care.)

3. You’ll have help finding the perfect fit.

The rabbits have been given attention and interacted with the volunteers at the shelter. Those same volunteers can help you decide which rabbit is the right fit for your household. They are familiar with their personalities, traits, and preferences. Yes, rabbits do have personalities! When I was adopting, I requested calm personalities as I had never owned a rabbit before. The volunteers at EARS introduced me to several rabbits who fit the bill.

4. You wouldn’t be supporting animal neglect and abuse.

Seventy-two percent of exotic animals in the pet trade die before they reach pet stores. The animals are often housed in deplorable and inhumane conditions. By choosing to adopt, you are one more person saying “no” to these bad practices.

5. You’ll be a part of the rabbit community!

By adopting from a shelter, you’ll be opening yourself up to a community of bunny lovers just like you! Check your local animal shelter for events, education, and supplies. Here at Erie Area Rabbit Society and Rescue (E.A.R.S.), we hold Spa Days as an outreach service to the community. You can bring your rabbit in for a nail trim and brushing, and chat with the volunteers. There are also fun rabbit-themed events! In addition, E.A.R.S. offers hay and pellets for purchase, as do many rescues. An E.A.R.S. volunteer can be reached by phone at 814.838.9732, by email at,, or by Facebook and Instagram.


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