5 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be a Cage Cleaner

Cleaning cages may not be the most glamorous volunteer position, but it is one of the the most vital. Below are 5 reasons why it’s great to be a cage cleaner!

1. You will interact with each and every rabbit and learn its personality and habits.

As a cleaner, you’ll be forming a bond with each rabbit at the rescue. You’ll have direct contact with the rabbits, and oftentimes, your presence will be the first positive human interaction following abuse or neglect. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve made a positive difference in a sweet, innocent creature’s life, and it’s great to come back each week to spend time with the bunnies that you’ve bonded with!

2. You will be aware of any health changes.

Cage cleaners are often the first ones to notice when a bunny needs medical attention. After repeated cleanings and interactions, you’ll be familiar with the rabbits and you may be the first person to notice a rabbit isn’t eating or behaving normally. It’s imperative that the medical team be notified of any health changes as quickly as possible. GI Stasis and other health issues can be treated more effectively if caught early.

3. You will increase rabbit adoptions.

A clean and odor-free rescue is more appealing to potential adopters. It also keeps the rabbits safe, healthy, and reduces the chances of the spread of disease and parasites.

4. You will benefit.

There are many proven benefits of volunteering. You’ll be giving back to the community, making a difference in the rabbit’s lives, reducing stress (yours and the rabbits), and making new friends who love animals just like you do!

5. If you’re a bunny owner, you’ll get some great perks

You may have noticed that we offer hay and pellets for sale. What you may not know, however, is that volunteers get a discount! Ask us about our special volunteer price for hay and pellets. In addition, you’ll learn all there is to know about bunny care, and you can always come to us for advice if you have concerns with your bunny.

Interested in volunteering? Please complete a volunteer application – we’d be happy to have you!