How to Pet Your Rabbit

Did you know rabbits have preferences when it comes to being touched or pet? We’ll explore their likes and dislikes in more detail.

Areas You Can’t Go Wrong

Rabbits like to have the bridge of their nose and the top of the head pet. Have you ever had a rabbit nudge you? They are seeking attention and affection and the area they use to nudge is an ideal area to pet your rabbit.

The area between the ears/top of the head is also a favorite spot for most rabbits. Some rabbits enjoy having their cheeks stroked but be careful to avoid his/her chin!

Areas To Avoid

Most rabbits do not like their tails, stomach, or feet touched. Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits are prey animals and may or may not enjoy being picked up. Many rabbits enjoy being pet while on the floor and will melt into a pile of happiness.

It’s important to remember that just like humans, each rabbit is unique, with its own personality and traits. What one rabbit enjoys, another may not. Recognizing your rabbit’s preferences will ensure a lifetime of health and happiness for you and your rabbit.

For more tips on keeping your rabbit healthy, see How to Have a Happy Bunny.