Rabbit Owners: Be Prepared for Emergencies

Let’s face it, no one wants to think about emergencies or natural disasters. The sad reality is, the unexpected does occur and can be devastating when we’re caught by surprise. From a bloated or distended abdomen, to choking and expenses, we’ll cover a few emergency situations and how you can prepare for them.


Be sure to have Critical Care and infant gas drops on hand. Critical Care is supplemental nutrition designed for rabbits recovering from an illness or injury. It will provide key vitamins and nutrients for your rabbit until he/she can resume his/her normal eating routine. Infant gas drops, available at your local drugstore,will provide relief for your rabbit during a bout of GI status or an excessive gas episode.


If you’re not already, get established as a patient at an exotic veterinarian. Being established prior to an emergency visit assures the doctor is familiar with your beloved pet and has his/her health records in their system, saving valuable time. You can view a list of rabbit-savvy veterinarians in the Erie area on our website. Be familiar with your local emergency veterinarians, who treat exotics. If your veterinarian is unavailable or a situation arises after hours, you’ll be ready. See our Emergency Veterinarians page for a list of 24-hour emergency vets who will treat rabbits.

In Case of Choking

Choking is one emergency where you won’t have time to look up instructions or take your rabbit to the veterinarian. You must act immediately and perform the Heimlich Maneuver. This video will assist and help you become familiar with the rabbit Heimlich Maneuver, so in case it ever happens, you’ll know what to do right away.

Unexpected Expenses

Owning and caring for our pets is not cheap! Unexpected illness and injuries can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Creating a savings account for veterinary care and expenses is recommended and encouraged. A savings account can help ease worry during an emergency. Pet insurance is also available through CareCredit. CareCredit provides veterinary financing and can be used for routine veterinary appointments, grooming services, and emergency pet care. Learn more about CareCredit on the CareCredit website.

A Designated Caregiver

Set up someone as a designated caregiver for your rabbit should something happen to you. This could be a friend, relative, or neighbor. This person should be familiar with your rabbit and willing to step in as needed. It is also beneficial to have your rabbit’s routine, feeding schedule, and care instructions printed out and placed in a known and accessible location.

Being prepared in advance will provide you with peace of mind and help ensure the health and safety of not only you and your family, but also your rabbit.